Macadamia Nut Oil - The bio oil for your skin

Most natural oils in skin care products don't penetrate the lower dermis. They coat your skin and prevents oxygen uptake and moisture.

Our main oil, Macadamia nut oil, is bio-compatible to the sebum produced by human skin glands, thus able to filter through to the skin’s innermost layer. This make it the most perfect moisture builder and carrier of all our active ingredients.

The Australian Macadamia nut has been used traditionally for thousands of years. The aborigines would express the oil from the nuts and use it for skin rejuvenation and as a carrier, mixed with other plant extracts to treat ailments.

When combined with macadamia nut oil, our active ingredients work at the deepest level. You see results quickly.

Xquisit Organics works with your skin to optimise its function to detoxify and protect.


body lotion – nettle, calendula and vitamin E unscented
Calms and hydrates with extracts of avocado and jojoba combined with macadamia oil to deeply penetrate the skin. Soothing effects of nettle, calendula and carrot, leave the skin feeling calm and nourished. Suitable for very delicate skin.
day cream (unscented) - white tea & goji berry
Day cream for very sensitive skin which is completely free from perfumes. Macadamia nut oil deeply penetrates the skin, allowing anti -oxidants and vitamins to soothe and protect from within. Tamanu oil aids in reducing age spots and camellia supply squalene and deep moisture. Anti- aging Goji berry and White tea prevent free radical damage. Use daily after cleansing.
face cleanser – soapwort and marshmallow
soap-free, creamy and moisturising. Gently removes air pollutants and make-up including waterproof mascara. Soapwort and marshmallow extracts remove dead skin cells and macadamia nut oil supports your skins moisture and prevent drying. Leaves skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed.