Macadamia Nut Oil - The bio oil for your skin

Most natural oils in skin care products don't penetrate the lower dermis. They coat your skin and prevents oxygen uptake and moisture.

Our main oil, Macadamia nut oil, is bio-compatible to the sebum produced by human skin glands, thus able to filter through to the skin’s innermost layer. This make it the most perfect moisture builder and carrier of all our active ingredients.

The Australian Macadamia nut has been used traditionally for thousands of years. The aborigines would express the oil from the nuts and use it for skin rejuvenation and as a carrier, mixed with other plant extracts to treat ailments.

When combined with macadamia nut oil, our active ingredients work at the deepest level. You see results quickly.

Xquisit Organics works with your skin to optimise its function to detoxify and protect.


Xquisit skin care is an all round product. I look forward to using the Day cream- green tea and gotu kola every morning, the Face Cleanser with apple and kiwi ,gets off even the heaviest of black eye-liner and mascara. And Night cream every night. No grease, no unneccessary perfumes, no gawdy packaging. Just good, nourishing and honest skin care. 

Marie-Louise Xavier - Istanbul, Turkey
Have to say I love your product best of all the products I've used, and believe me I've used them all. My husband has severe eczema over his entire body and has been using the body lotion with birch with remarkable results. 
Fiona Godfrey - Perth WA
Thanks very much for the loving care with your products. It really is good to know that you put  a lot of effort in to making these products well and most  impressively, from scratch. It's fabulous and very apparent in the feel and smell, that your  concoctions are fresh and made from quality ingredients. This strikes the right chord with me. 
Michelle Kokiuruba - Perth WA
Sometime ago I bought some of your body lotion with birch for my daughter who suffers from eczema. It has proved to be the most beneficial cream that we tried to give her some relief from the scratching and itching. The cream has also helped significantly with her scarring as a result from the tearing of her skin when itching. 
Sue McLennan - Perth WA
I've used a number of xquisit products and they are all wonderful. They have subtle yet gorgeous aromas and wonderfully luxurious textures. I particularly love the face scrub which leaves my skin glowing. Caroline Smith - Margaret River - WA
I have been using xquisit organic products for 6 years (more?). As soon as I use it I feel luxurious, the smell and texture are divine and my skin glows. Knowing that I am not putting anything harmful on my body makes me feel good. Thank you. 
Tara de la Garza - New York, USA
I have used the Day cream - Bilberry and Macadamia Scrub for three months now, and am so impressed with how clean and clear my skin feels. It is wonderful to know that the products that I am nourishing my skin with have no nasty hidden extras. Thanks for your beautiful products. I love them and they will continue to be a staple in our bathroom! 
Donna Sheppard - Wright Cockatoo Victoria
Xquisit Organics are exactly that! Exquisite in every way. They look, feel and work to perfection. I was instantly attracted to these gorgeous products and was so impressed by the perfect 'synergy' of natural ingredients used, that I wanted to be part of this exciting journey. I have not been disappointed! I am both very proud and excited to be using and selling 'Xquisit Organics' and would highly recommend them to anyone. 
Nina Rose - 'Wild Rose Naturals' – Toodyay WA
Thanks - just received the new body butters – they are gorgeous, especially the Macadamia, Mango & Frangipani one, beautiful, delicate scent just wafts from the skin after applying, perfect for a summer perfume.  I can’t stop sniffing my skin!! 
Sally Mitchell - Kingsley, WA
Having always suffered from extremely dry skin I am very happy to finally have found a skin-care range that works. Body Butter is the best product I have ever used and I can not be without Hand cream and Foot cream. The Xquisit range smells fantastic, works fantastically, feels fantastic, and looks fantastic. Thank you for such wonderful products. 
Therese Leonhardt - Singapore
I've been using xquisit organics for several years now. I love that they're organic and I know I'm not putting chemicals on my face. The essential oils make them smell and feel divine. There's nothing more refreshing than the face mist on a hot summer day. Love it. 
Gillian O'Shaugnessy -Fremantle, WA
Since discovering your creams I can say my skin has softened, the veins have softened and therefore wrinkles have softened. The smells are delectable and consistency predictable. I have been hailing your products to every woman I meet. 
Annie Whitlocke - Melbourne, VIC
This is my third year of using Xquisit Organics. I have a dry and sensitive skin type and I have found that the texture and appearance of my skin has benefited enormously with the use of your products. Thank you for your lovely, lovely skin care range 
Carmen - Perth, WA
I have been using Xquisit products for many moons, my favourites are the foot cream and the face scrub. I just couldn't live without them.They are the best natural products I have ever used. 
Leonie MacLean - Dunsborough, WA
I have used Xquisit products for years now and I truly love their sensuality.  The face mist is refreshing and healthy on hot summer days and I completely love the pink clay face mask which makes my skin feel and look like a supermodel.  Thank you Xquisit. 
Veronica LeMercier - Doubleview, WA
I find the Xquisit Body Lotion with birch absolutely fantastic. I have very dry skin and where I am living it is hard to apply anything on the skin because of the humidity but the Body Lotion did the job and it absorbs in to my skin. No more greasy products. Fantastic! 
Karin Wallnas - Singapore
Just wanted to say that I love your products. It's pure luxury to use them and my skin feels so good now. No more break-outs, which is something I have struggled with for a long time. Thank you! 
Pernille - White Gum Valley, WA

I have used and known about Xquisit products for the last 5 years, and have come to know and trust the products.  They are always in superb packaging, sexy, smart and I think always new or ahead in their look.  The label has said for years and years ' tested on humans' This is clever and I have not seen it said like that anywhere else. It's a very effective message. The actual product is grand, by that I mean it's clean-looking, smooth, smells nice and works well. The ingredients are always organic or a good choice. I use them for myself and often buy as gifts for friends. Thanks Camilla. 
Romy Campbell-Hicks - Naturopath and Herbalist - Perth, WA
I'm very happy with your products and so are my friends. I noticed a change in my skin the very next day!! 
Tanya Morgan - Perth, WA
I have been using Xquisit for nearly three years. I love that it's completely natural. Knowing that I'm nourishing my body from head to toe on the outside is complete for me. I love the texture and scents and the luxuriousness of them all. My skin is constantly aglow. Thank you Xquisit. 
Peta Simon, Melbourne, VIC

I am extemely pleased with my recent purchased as it came recommended from a friend. The face scrub made my face so smooth. I tend to use a fair bit of make-up and it seems to dry my skin. I also love the cleanser and Green tea day cream. Absolutely brilliant! Can't wait to try others in the range as I replace them.
Susan Crawley - Perth, WA