Macadamia Nut Oil - The bio oil for your skin

Most natural oils in skin care products don't penetrate the lower dermis. They coat your skin and prevents oxygen uptake and moisture.

Our main oil, Macadamia nut oil, is bio-compatible to the sebum produced by human skin glands, thus able to filter through to the skin’s innermost layer. This make it the most perfect moisture builder and carrier of all our active ingredients.

The Australian Macadamia nut has been used traditionally for thousands of years. The aborigines would express the oil from the nuts and use it for skin rejuvenation and as a carrier, mixed with other plant extracts to treat ailments.

When combined with macadamia nut oil, our active ingredients work at the deepest level. You see results quickly.

Xquisit Organics works with your skin to optimise its function to detoxify and protect.

body lotion - macadamia, calendula and birch

Body Lotion
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body lotion – birch, calendula and vitamin E

95% organic

dry, sensitive and problem skin

200 ml

luxurious, hydrating and calming

Soothing extract of birch hydrates skin while easing itchiness and irritation. Macadamia nut oil helps the lotion deeply penetrate skin while evening primrose,
calendula and carrot have a calming effect. Skin feels relieved and calm.


*certified organic ingredient distilled water, *macadamia nut oil, *rose hydrosol, birch extract, *emulsifying wax- cetearyl olivate & sorbitan olivate,*shea butter, *calendula, *cocoa butter, *evening
primrose oil, *carrot infused oil,*lecithin, xanthan gum, vitamin E, rose geranium, tangerine,*palmarosa ,*citrus aranthium, potassium sorbate, tolu balsam and
benzoin resinoid

no parabens, SLS, or toxic chemicals

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by msdig
09/15/2011 - 10:03:58 PM
The best moisturiser I've ever used
I travel a lot for work, and have always found it difficult to find a moisturiser that works in all the environments I do. I like a cream that melts into the skin but isn't too heavy. I don't like anything that sits on top of the skin, or makes you sweat in humid environments.

I found the xquisit organics body lotion at the Subiaco Market in Perth in February. For 6 months, I've used it every day and my skin has never looked better. I use it on my body and my face, and a little bit goes a long way.

From Arnhemland to Adelaide, from the wet season to the dry, from winter to summer, this lotion has been perfect for me.

I'm now stocking up, and trying other products in the xquisit organics range. I'm definitely a convert, and the fact it's organic is an added bonus.