About Us

Meet the maker - Camilla Sundbladh 

"It is vital for me that our organic products out-performs main stream products and deliver great results. They are safe, clean and equisite." 

While growing up in Sweden, as a young child,  I was introduced  to the healing properties of plants by my grandmother Anna. She tought me that there are unlimited uses for herbs and plants. She found uses in cooking, in skincare and as natural remedies.  

My research begun in my late twenties, to identify ingredients useful for my skin. I always had very dry, easily irritated skin. It was very difficult to find products which worked well for my requirements. Many of these ingredients form the basis of my organic skincare range.The journey into developing my products started in 1995 and I launched the first five products in 1997. 

Scientific research show ingredients derived from nature are beneficial and safe. I believe organic ingredients goes a step further to ensure no residues of pestisides, synthetic fertiliser or GMO's are found. Being a mum and an avid gardener I treasure all nature's creation. 

"It is in nature I find perfection and space to be a part of it all. It is in nature I find inspiration."   

Our products are:

  •  40% more active 
  •  deeply absorbent 
  •  gently fragranced by organic essential oils
  •  no palm oil
  •  no GMOs
  •  no SLS
  •  no paraben 
  •  in house manufacturing
  •  organic, pure and luxurious
  •  commitment to quality and scientific research
  •  suitable for everyone
  •  tested on humans


Enjoy the Xquisit experience!

Camilla Sundbladh
owner/creator Xquisit Organics